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We are a full service company, providing free bail and inmate  information, links to the local jails and courts throughout southern California - 24/7/365.

JudgeWhen a friend or family member is arrested, our professional and bonded staff understand the stress and uneasiness of contacting a local agency here in southern California. We are here to help you and your family in your time of need. Time is of the essence, and our bail agents dependable and friendly. You may reach us at 877-990-2245 to speak to a Professional bondsman today.

Criminal attorneys recommend their clients to our agency throughout southern California and the entire state. Our company also provides a California bail resource guide for the legal profession.

Our industry allows the accused to be released from jail without posting the entire bond amount. The penal bail amount is set by the court, and a fee is designed to guarantee the attendance of the accused at all of their mandated court dates.

The Department of Insurance in California sets the legal bail premium at 8%, 10%, or 15%, and it is imperative that you only work with a licensed bondsman. Don’t forget to ask to view the bail agent's license and state identification card before you transact any business.

Why do you need our needed in Southern California?

Most people have a general understanding of the industry. The arrestee may be held until their trial, unless they provide the required bail amount. Contracting with a licensed bail agency makes the most financial and economical sense. Huge amounts of capital or money are not needed to be tied up in the court’s or counties’ coffers, because the premium charged by the agency is just a fraction of the penal amount.

The bond, when posted, guarantees that the defendant will make all required court appearances the county where the court is located is protected by the bail bond. If the defendant makes all appearances until the case is settled, the bail bond is exonerated, or eliminated. However, if the accused skips bail, or fails to show up for the hearings, the bail bond company is liable to the surety company, who has approved the bail or release of the defendant. Collateral is often a requirement to secure a bond to protect the surety.

Our agents specialize in the negotiating, approving, underwriting and issuing bail in southern California. Our agents serve as the designated representatives of licensed surety (insurance) companies.

We specializes in southern California
but also maintains agents throughout the entire state.


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