Why Do Homeowners Prefer Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are one of the most preferred flooring options for homeowners and the reason is very different from why people prefer marble, wood or ceramic tiles. Mosaic tiles are made up with a plethora of stones. All the stones are uniquely cut and perfected to fit into one amazing mosaic. The eclectic mix of stones lends an unmatched hue and a unique pattern which make a particular design of mosaic different from every other design. While wood has its own charm and classic aesthetics, marble has its grandeur and tiles have their practicality as well as other attributes, mosaic tiles have their own distinct appeal. Mosaic tiles do not come without any shortcomings but it is their advantages that convince homeowners to opt for them over others. Here are some of those reasons that help people to decide in favour of mosaic tiles compared to wood and marble, even ceramic tiles.

Mosaic tiles are considerably more affordable than ceramic tiles.

They are definitely more affordable than hardwood and marble. Despite all its advantages and grandeur, marble is always held back because of its cost. Many homeowners opt against marble due to its procurement price, installation and cost of repairs. Marble cannot be replaced as easily and partially as ceramic tiles. Cracks and dents cost a lot to repair. Also, marble doesn’t have as much of an advantage in cold conditions since the natural stone can get quite chilly when the mercury dips. Such an issue doesn’t exist with wood. It does matter in case of ceramic tiles but not that much. Mosaic tiles have no such issues. They are cheaper than most flooring options despite being aesthetically appealing and they don’t cost remotely as much as the more expensive materials to repair. However, installation and maintenance are extensive processes and one cannot rush through them with mosaic tiles.

The second noteworthy advantage of mosaic tiles and also why homeowners prefer them are the glass encasement or cemented mosaic tiles.

Both cemented mosaic tiles and glass mosaic tiles have their inherent beauty. Cemented mosaic tiles are more affordable and they have a pleasant finish. The finish can be a little lustrous or a tad shiny. It is never dull. Glass mosaic tiles have a sheen that is only paralleled by freshly polished granite or laminate flooring that has its own splendour. Glass mosaic tiles have become very popular in recent years and not just among homeowners but also among commercial property owners.