Home: Onyx for Kitchen or Bathroom Countertops

Home: Onyx for Kitchen or Bathroom and Countertops

Onyx could be right for you if you’re eyeing for a new countertop material that will add a touch of class to your kitchen or if you’re looking for something beautiful, rare, and unusual. Before incorporating it into your home, click here for more knowledge about onyx.

This isn’t the case as a lot of people think all stones are “rock hard” and completely solid. The perfect example of a stone that needs extra care is onyx. To harden the slab and keep it together, onyx countertops usually include a fiberglass backing compound.

Onyx slabs are not extracted from the ground as well as other stones. This makes the slabs are much smaller in size than something like granite.

Onyx is not hard

The softness characteristic is the biggest problem with onyx. With regular use, it does not hold up well. You’ll most likely be going to scratch up the surface if you move pots and pans around or prepare vegetables or fruits on it.  It will have no trouble scraping your countertop by using anything hard or sharp.

Another danger is an acidic liquid like vinegar or lemon juice which are cooking essentials. It could etch and dull the surface if you spill any of this stuff on onyx.

Home: Onyx for Kitchen or Bathroom Countertops

Needs serious maintenance

Onyx requires proper sealing and then cleaned with the special stone cleaner at frequent periods to make it less prone to scratching and staining which makes onyx countertops needs a lot of sustenance.

Proper planning for the needed fee on having them refinished periodically if your onyx countertops see normal daily use.

Onyx is expensive

Onyx stone doesn’t come cheap. Onyx is the most expensive countertop material you can get despite the needed maintenance and characteristics it possesses.

Onyx is rare

A rare stone, onyx is seldom used for countertops. What’s more, every single piece of onyx is distinctive. Use Onyx if you want to really set your home on the next level.

Onyx is attractive

There is no contradiction in the sheer beauty of the stone although onyx is pricey and rather impractical. Onyx veining adds contrasting colors to make these slabs look like works of art and it comes in different colors.

It brightens up the room when the light hits it and it shines. Putting backlit on onyx makes a wonderful glow that you can’t get any other way for an added appeal.