Creating your very own Green Rooftop

Creating your very own Green Rooftop

If you want to make the most out of your rooftop, creating your very own green rooftop garden might be one of the best choices you’ve ever had not just for aesthetic purposed but for sustainability as well.  Various chefs around the globe are into rooftop gardening growing organic fruits and vegetables in the middle of the city!

Living in the city can be challenging and with limited space, their innovation paved way for a green revolution, well in the rooftop!  There are countless benefits to having a green roof and if you thought that it’s a new concept, well, think again. A green rooftop can be traced back to the 1940s. Currently, it has continued to gain momentum whether you live in the city or the suburbs. Why not you should get more assistance from a commercial roofing contractor for your rooftop.

Green roofs are composed of different layers and these layers serve a specific function.  Decide whether you want to maintain it frequently or if you’d rather have it low maintenance.

Here are some helpful tips in starting your own green roof.

Choose the most suitable green roof

Creating your very own Green Rooftop

Intensive Green Roof

Is your green roof’s main purpose is to be a garden with a large variety of plants? An intensive green roof requires planting mediums to be much deeper which is about 7-24 inches deep.  Frequent maintenance is advised and a footpath is needed for easy access. Aside from footpath, adding benches or water-resistant sofa can be great for relaxation.

Extensive Green Roof

For low-maintenance and self-sustaining vegetation, and an extensive green roof with about 1.6 -5 inches deep planting medium is great supporting a few types of grass, mosses, and succulents.

Hybrid Green Roof

With a Hybrid green roof, plants that grow well in about 5-7 inches vegetation are appropriate. This may include herbs and shrubs. There is not much maintenance required since it only needs irrigation from time to time.