Pink Bathroom Ideas

When we talk about pink in an interior design, we immediately think about a bedroom or a children’s room. These are the most appropriate places for the pink color in a house. However, pink is also used in bathroom design. Pink is a very romantic and relaxing color. That is why it is so pleasant to relax in warm water with fragrant foam and to daydream in a pink bathroom. However, pink is not very popular color for bathroom design. Why is that? Probably, not many people know how to decorate a pink bathroom.

Why pink is not very popular? Firstly, not everyone likes the color; romantic people usually find it adorable while pragmatic people consider it naïve and even irritating. That is why it is very difficult to find a family where all the members would agree to pink. Moreover, pink is a warm color, which makes the objects seem to be closer. Thus, it makes the whole room look smaller. If your bathroom is not big, pink color may spoil the whole image. Blue, for example, is more suitable for the walls of small bathrooms, as it visually expands the room and gives a feeling of coolness and cleanliness. Completely pink bathroom, on the contrary, visually shrinks the room. So use pink if your bathroom is big enough.

Pink color does not tolerate dirt and untidiness. It is especially critical in a bathroom. In a pink bathroom everything should be perfect, like in a fairy tale. Luckily, nowadays you can find high quality wall tiles and other materials for your unforgettable pink bathroom design. Such a bathroom will awake pleasant feelings and romantic dreams.

Color Variations

What color goes with pink tile bathroom? There are many pink bathroom ideas you can use for your interior. For those who have a small bathroom and want to make it pink we would suggest to combine pink with white, because such a color combination would be the best option to make you bathroom seem bigger. For example, you can use pink for only one wall or make a mosaic of white and pink. Buy white and pink floor tiles. It is worth mentioning that painted walls in pink often look better than tiled.

Bathrooms with a combination of pink and green look unexpectedly original and fresh, but only few people would like such a design. Besides, you need to invite a professional designer to create a beautiful bathroom in these colors, as it is very easy to overdo with green. This combination is stimulating and refreshing. It looks amazing in a big bathroom with windows and a carpet.

Pink color can be truly noble and elegant if accompanied with gray or silver. You can enhance the effect of this combination by using mirrors, shiny silk and deep velvet in your bathroom interior design. This color option looks great in those places where there are many metal parts. Thus, bathroom and kitchen are simply made for pink and grey.

Gray walls are the perfect background for expressive interior in pink. Gray color is able to make things look clearer; it gives them individuality. This color palette is good for creating vintage pink bathroom decor.

The combination of pink and gold or yellow looks very cheerful and optimistic. The combination of pastel shades creates sunny and bright atmosphere, while deep and muted shades of these colors can visually make the interior darker and smaller. Therefore, be careful with these colors when you update your bathroom.

Pink with blue seems to be a bit strange combination as pink is believed to be for girls and blue is for boys. However, imagine a bush of pink roses against the blue sky. Thus, pink and blue can also look fresh and interesting in the interior. The most appropriate option would be to use them in the design of the dining room or the bathroom. Do not forget about white rugs, as they add some light accents.

Among other paint ideas is a gorgeous combination of pink and red. This is a good example of how colors of the same palette can complement each other. The most successful combination will be a duet of pink and scarlet. Pink looks feminine, while scarlet gives masculinity, strength and energy to your bathroom. These colors require careful design, but the results look amazing. You can use this combination for retro style.

Pink and purple give the interior a bit of mystery and romance. Properly chosen proportions and accents look exquisite in a bathroom interior.

Among pink bathroom decorating ideas is a demanding but noble pink and black bathroom. Using these colors you can create a wonderful design of any room. These colors look especially relevant in a large bathroom. They can contribute individuality to your bathroom design.

The last but not the last is a combination of pink and brown. This classic duo is often used in bathroom design to emphasize the good taste of its owner. This combination also looks nice in other rooms, especially if instead of dark brown shades you use cocoa color.

Advantages of a Pink Bathroom

Pink bathroom decorated with delicate light tones will become a relaxing area for its owner. A pink bathroom is perceived stunningly due to bright, unobtrusive middle tones of a base color. Don’t forget about light pink bathroom accessories. They can create an effect of a dollhouse.

An excellent design solution will be using pink and cream colors when decorating your bathroom. You can use also powder tones which are remarkably suitable for a pink bathroom. Shades of this type always look very discreet and natural. Ladies of all ages will enjoy a nice bathroom in pink.

The big advantage of the pink color is that it is very well combined with many colors. If we talk about the bathtub design, it is preferable to choose an acrylic one. The same is true about a sink. Such a vanity is very popular today.

White big floor vases, ordinary white blinds or air curtains look great in a pink bathroom. You can also place real plants in decorative pots there. They are very good for the windowsills. Green plants will help to make the room look more alive. You can hang a mirror in a pink and white frame, a toothbrush holder, a soap dispenser and a towel rail of the same color palette. You can put a small mat in a pink hue with nice ornaments to make your bathroom cozier.

A pink bathroom is a dream of every little girl. Girls grow up, but their dreams remain. Why not to fulfil it when you are grown up!

Color Peculiarities

Everyone knows that to get pink color you need to mix red and white. Colors that we see every day affect our mood, health and psychological state. Red has a stimulating action. In addition, red is a symbol of sexuality. However, prolonged exposure to this color can cause irritability. Therefore, active use of red in house design is not recommended.

When you dilute red with white, it brings elegance and nobility to your bathroom. Pink, derived from red and white, provides a romantic note to its decoration. Under the influence of pink color people tend to perceive the world in a more optimistic way. Pink awakens sensuality, romance and sentimentality. If you surround yourself with pink, it will positively affect your mood. In addition, this color is quite practical. Bathroom tile of pastel pink allows you to make your bathroom light.

Bathroom in Pink

No matter what shade of pink you prefer – a delicate color of marshmallow or a saturated color of fuchsia – you can always make your bathroom beautiful and original. Interior designers give some tips on how to decorate a bathroom with pink tile.

First you need to decide on the shade. The optimal choice depends not only on your preferences, but also on the space in your bathroom. In most apartments bathroom is small. If it is your case, it is recommended to choose bright pastel colors. Cold light shades can visually expand the space while warm and saturated colors make it visually smaller. That is why never use bright magenta or fuchsia color in small spaces.

If space allows using a bright color, add accents of white to your interior. You can use tiles of two colors, for instance crimson and white, lined in a checkerboard pattern or other patterns according to your taste. White shelves and sanitary ware will also look good. White accents can remove an impression of tasteless glamour that can be made by abundance of bright pink.

Transitions of colors from subtle shades of pink to more saturated ones will make your interior original. The classic option is a combination of pink and green. You can define the concentration of green parts in your interior. Do not forget to complement the overall design with towels, small bathroom furnishings and even toilet paper in the appropriate colors.

Combined wall decoration will keep the balance between white and pink. You can combine pink bathroom tiles with any paint color. Modern manufacturers of tile, waterproof paint and wallpaper offer a wide range of materials to suit all tastes and purposes. You can select pink tile for bathroom of lighter or darker shades, pastel colors or rich, solid color or pattern. It all depends on your personal preferences. To make your bathroom harmonious and attractive follow the recommendations of interior designers.